For my final independent project for university I planned an environment that would include a wizard tower which had assets inside the tower as well as outside. I decided to model and texture in Blender instead of Maya as I thought this would help me with the low poly style I was trying to create.




This project was a group project to create assets for our chosen theme, we chose to create a graveyard scene in a small town that had been left derelict due to a disease. We also included magic into our narrative behind the scene, this meant I could create assets associated with magic and witches as well as real life. 

I had the pleasure of working with three amazing artists on this project. Their links are below.

Gemma Hollingsworth: https://www.gemmahollingsworth.co.uk/

Amber Short: http://www.ambisartstuff.co.uk/

Aaron Kubler: https://www.artstation.com/akubler_art



This video is a short walk through of our environment which shows our assets together in scene.



Alien Syndrome

This project was a group project my roles were to create 3D assets and texture both my own and the other artists. I thoroughly enjoyed remastering the level we chose as a group working closely with all of the team. 

The work below is mostly my own a few pieces were modelled by another artist and then textured by me. Also an image which was designed by our concept artist.

Team Members

Concept artist, Gemma Hollingsworth: https://www.gemmahollingsworth.co.uk/

3D Artist, Connor Scaife: https://connorscaife.wixsite.com/website

Programmer, Callum Morgan: https://morgangamedev.com/



This video is a short walk through of our game remaster which shows all the teams contributions to the final level.



Narrative based game

Below is a link to a narrative game experience I created as part of a University project. It is a story created in Twine then published through itch.io.